2015 : The Year of His Power 

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It is impossible to confine God to what our minds can imagine God cannot be put in a box; we believe our God does the impossible

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

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For five years of his life, Charles Edward Tembo lived a biblical Job kind of life until God remembered him through Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.   Tembo was infested with a strange illness which the...
article thumbnailGod restored my life  At a time when hope had vanished, when living seemed out of the question, counting down to the ticking of the clock, to bid farewell to the earth and surrender the gift of...
article thumbnailLiberty had been suffering from Hernia for more than 11 years. During the service, he felt the power of God all over him. He went back to his doctors to be checked and now he is totally healed from...


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The United Family International Ministries is the evidence of supernatural birth, growth and establishment which is clear testimony of God's abundant unfailing, unsought and unlimited mercy and kindness upon the life of Prophet E. Makandiwa's Ministry and personal life



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