United Family International Church


UFI Ministries

Over the Centuries, theologians and intellectuals have argued over the issue of the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ; the reason being that the empty tomb is not enough evidence but there is evidence that has proven to be far more authentic than the empty tomb in Israel. A movement that is clear confirmation that Jesus is alive; a movement that is evidence of supernatural birth, growth and establishment, a movement that has transformed and positively impacted millions of lives – the United Family International Ministries.

Under the sound leadership of Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, the United Family International Ministries is living testimony of the manifestation of God’s love on earth which is a clear testimony of God’s abundant, unfailing, unsought and unlimited grace, mercy and kindness upon the life of Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa’s Ministry and personal life The United Family International Ministries comprises of The United Family Interdenominational Ministries and The United Family International Church. The Interdenominational Ministry is the mother ministry of the other ministries and arms which will fall under the United Family International Ministries

Established in 2008, the United Family International Church is a gathering of champions and through the ministration of Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, thousands have witnessed the manifestation of the power of God in unfathomable and mind-blowing ways. Outstanding miracles, signs and wonders are everyday occurrences in UFIC services. The ministry owns a free-to-air channel; Christ TV, and through it, the ministry is taking Christ to the nations, impacting millions with world-class, relevant and inspiring Christian viewing. It also has vibrant departments which have positively impacted the society. The United Family International Ministries is the fulfillment of God’s intention of creating man - to have a family of His own, and beyond any reason of doubt; it is a united family that carries the DNA of God Almighty –a landing of representatives and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.