2016 Cross Over Night


Crosover Night 2016

The past year 2016 has been one of the most powerful and exciting times of spiritual anointing and prophetic grace under the tutor ledge of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. It was indeed a Year of Great Harvest characterised by incredible miracles and mind blowing testimonies all to the glory of God. For this particular New year`s Eve All night prayer people from all over the world were in attendance believing God that for another exciting year ahead..

Founder of United Family International Church Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa ministered before midnight right up to the early hours of the morning. In his address to the thousands of believers who thronged the UFIC in Chitungwiza he said “2017 is yet another beautiful year that God has given to us. I am very happy and excited, especially when you know that there are no elections in heaven, so God remains God. The God that we have today, will always be there forever.” Announcing the theme to a cheerful crowd he said “Our theme for the year 2017 is going to be very simple but very powerful. And this theme you are going to handle it and taste it. It is The Year of Greater Life. I don't know what to say but I know what to do! Let's see if the devil is going to survive this year.” “I believe that in other ways the devil also has his own theme and we know some few things as prophets. It's going to be the year of his stress!” he added.

“With what we have seen so far in the past years, you could have died by now but there seems to be something that keeps you alive because there are many people that we know who died and they didn't go through half of what you went through. God doesn't preserve a person for no reason” said the man of God. “I am here to only make an announcement and teachings will follow. This ministry is going to be a different ministry with a different membership which means you have to bring a new life. You will notice that from the first month everything will become different. If the God of this house is small then you shall be small but, you shall become big because the God of this ministry is big. The God of this ministry, the God that I serve, the God that spoke to me, said 2017 He is going to do something new. There are things that God told me to help you with. You are going to receive help from the God that started this ministry!” said Prophet Makandiwa.