"Lets pray for 2017"


Prayer for the year 2017

Every December, people around the world celebrate the Christmas holiday season by celebrating the birth of Christ and sending greetings to family and friends. It is indeed a perfect time to celebrate the love of God because of Jesus, God's perfect, indescribable gift unto humanity.

During a recent service at the City Sports in Harare where Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was ministering he said Christmas is a season of great joy. “It is a time of God showing His great love for us. It can also be a time of healing and renewed strength. Above all this year we thank God for the grace, peace, health God has given us as we come to the end of the year.” The man of God urged believers to pray saying each time you get into the new year there are plans that the devil may have that we have to rise up against. “We should pray against the enemy’s plans before we get into New Year. You need to pray against the catastrophes, accidents or anything the devil has planned. It is better for us to expose the devices of the enemy and replace death with life, sickness has to be replaced with health,” he added. Speaking during the same service, he declared that, “New year has to bring new life, new graces and new things. You can change things in your coming year today, you don’t have to be crying next year”

Below is an extract from the prayer made by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

“In the name of Jesus I come against every evil force and wicked thing operating in your body, demons of sickness and death I command you to come out in the name of Jesus. There is no affliction next year, we want to reverse and stop death sickness and accidents, and you shall live. Holy Ghost locate the people the devil has targeted next year, Father in the name of Jesus let the power of the Holy Ghost upon all that concerns you be released, every demonic spirit because of the anointing upon your life, your life is protected. Whatever day, month or week it is affliction will not come again. Demons you are under arrest! No burial, no funeral of God’s children, any demon calling you into the hospital is aborted right now in the name of Jesus. Wherever you are, the situation has been corrected. Wicked traps from wicked people calling out your name, we arrest that witchcraft and strange diseases. Every wicked arrow flying towards your house is cancelled. You children are protected from wicked arrows. In the mighty name of Jesus let there be peace upon you. No disease will kill you next year." Next year is a year that you will enjoy, enjoy your Christmas holiday.