UFIC South Africa Branch Launch


Huge Turnout at UFIC South Africa Branch Launch

One undeniable token of gatherings that are of significant importance or great benefit to people are huge crowds. The unanimous decision of tens of thousands of people to converge in one place for one cause, one purpose and one reason is a sure sign that the agenda of the meeting is something of great relevance, and the inaugural UFIC South Africa Branch Launch held at the Sandton Convention Center on the 23th to the 25th of October, 2015 was one of such great gatherings.

A moment of praise and worship from the UFIC choir kick-started the service on day one, followed by performances from South African gospel icons like Hlengiwe Mhlaba and during this, a perfect and favorable environment was created for the unhindered flow of the Holy Spirit, causing many to have a personal fellowship with God. After a few minutes, the congregation was blessed with the presence of Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, who in turn were presenting the warmest of smiles which spoke different gospels; that of acceptance and that of hope. People all over the auditorium received miracles and people with different ailments were healed. They were amazed by the way the power of God flew from Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. Without the man of God touching them, so many people received their miracles.

Miracles of different magnitudes were witnessed within a short space of time. Testimonies flew from all the corners, and these miracles did not just make the recipients to cry but also those who witnessed Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa delved into the word of God, expunging deep and hidden mysteries of the word of God, moving at a pace that allowed everyone sufficient time to follow and understand. Not only was it because of the explanations and analogies did justice, leaving nearly three quarters of the congregation standing on their feet as an ovation. All the three days of the Branch Launch Conference had large attendance form the locals and some international guests that travelled from foreign nations like Nigeria, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and within Africa and beyond.