Emmanuel Makandiwa

The man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa shared profound revelations from the word of God during the Tuesday Partners’ Service held at the Harare City Sports Centre on the 6th of June, 2017. His message was anchored on the 8th Chapter of 1 Kings, the 53rd verse and after the reading of the same; he explained to the audience how God chooses His own people for His own inheritance.

“Hearing the voice of God is the key!” Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa told the audience and using Solomon’s description of how God chose the nation of Israel as His own inheritance, the man of God went on to say, “This is proof that when God chooses, he separates you, and when God separates you, he has found an inheritance for Himself!

He added, “God cannot have you whilst the world still has you. He sets you apart, he separates you from them!” and he said that being in this world doesn’t mean we belong to the same; God separated us and we belong to a superior Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God. Using the above-quoted scripture, the man of God expounded on what Solomon meant when he said God spoke through the hand of Moses, and that is God spoke through the presence, the miracles and the works of Moses.

“God is not only speaking when He is saying something. God sometimes is communicating with us when He does something, so when you are hearing and paying attention to the voice of God, make sure also that your eyes are open.” Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa went on to say, ‘There comes a time in your life when you begin to see what God is saying!” and he went on to say that one needs to qualify for that level where they can hear the voice of God through His [God] actions. “God never told David to kill Goliath but He simply brought David to a place and what he [David] was supposed to do in that place was to observe and that observation became the voice of God” said the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa as he was alluding to the thousands of people that were in attendance that they must hear and understand the voice of God through the situations and the circumstances that are surrounding them.

“Within you is the ability to bring answers to the questions that people are asking everywhere!

“You are coming to that place where what you touch becomes the voice of God! When people look at your work, they will know what God is saying!

“When God chooses to speak to your generation through your hands, when God makes your business His voice, and you won’t be prophesying [verbally] but what you will be doing on a daily basis becomes prophecy!” As he emphasised more on this timely revelation, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said that in the Old Testament, if Priests were to touch a dead body, they became unholy but when Jesus came in the New Testament – him being also a Priest- he touched dead bodies and brought them back to life, meaning that a New Testament believer is not affected, but affects what they touch.

“God is making you His immediate project! He is focusing on you now: He wants to mend you, He wants to heal you so that when people look at you tomorrow, they will hear the voice of God clearer! They will look at you and say, God is good, not because they have seen Him but they have seen you!” After this dynamic teaching, the man of God made powerful declarations and a heartfelt prayer for the congregants that were present.