Emmanuel Makandiwa

The teaching of the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa on the 5th day of the Blessing Covenant Week was packed with explosive revelations from the word of God which redefined the general perspective of Christianity.The man of God started his teaching by challenging people to check whether it was biblical for such a program like the Blessing Covenant Week to be hosted by a man of God. Delving deeper into biblical-inspired revelations, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa brought back again the principle of the building of altars for specific goals

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa also mentioned that it is important for every man to inherit a piece of land on this earth; the latter being something that is very important and is desired by God for every person to have.Anchored on the story of Abraham’s altar in Genesis 15, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa revealed that when altars are erected, there are vultures which come in the form of problems to snatch away the sacrifice that is on the altar and everyone has to stand and defend their altar from vultures.

The man of God also explained that God blesses people based upon an established covenant and us, though we be Gentiles, we are supposed to inherit the blessing given to Abraham. Supporting the fact that the blessing of Abraham stretches into the New Testament, he used Galatians 3 vs. 14 to explain that Jesus also died so that the blessing of Abraham would come upon the Gentiles.

”Find out whether what we are doing is recommended by scriptures” said the man of God.

“If you have a harvest that you desire, you can set an offering aside for that specific harvest and then you can attach a name to it. You say exactly what you expect from God and then you sow the seed towards the future that you desire”

“Don’t allow the vultures to take that which belongs to God. Defend your seed! Protect you seed until God receives it!” He also added, “When you’re afflicted after obeying the voice of God, God will go after every who is responsible for that affliction”

‘It is high time that the body of Christ realises that without Fatherhood, there is no blessing that sons can ever inherit” said the man of God as he was explaining on the importance of spiritual fatherhood in the attaining of blessings. After delivering profound biblical truths on the importance of erecting altars unto God, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa called upon people to obey the voice of God by sowing seeds into the ministry which will be used to finance the three projects that are running with the Blessing Covenant Week

“Prophetically, it is a season, it is a time, it is an opportunity that God himself has decided to create for people like you. “You can never pray poverty out of your family. Hunger, poverty; they don’t respond to prayer. You sow seeds – give and it shall be given unto you”