Emmanuel Makandiwa

Much more than what words can describe is what all the thousands of people saw and experienced at the Harare City Sports Centre on the 23rd of May 217. The most astounding and baffling fact is that it is not visible to the naked eye but it can cause physical effects that can not only be seen but also felt. And indeed, His ways are above our ways in all elements, and as such is what Day 2 of the Greater Life Revival carried. “Tonight, the Lord is going to anoint some of us here…This service is not going to be a normal service because tonight, I believe that if God chose you, if God called you, then God has to anoint you!

“When He [God} calls, He anoints!” the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa said as he was giving the masses a foretaste of the amazing act of God that was about to happen. Using the 6th Chapter, from verse 1 of the book of Hosea, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa explained that this portion scripture was prophetic - putting more emphasis on verse 2 - in the sense that it coincided with the fact that it was the second day of the conference, and because of that, God was going to revive His people on the Second Day.

“You are going to be given special grace by God tonight, the grace that will push you and accelerate you into the future and your speed from tonight cannot be measured! “When the Spirit of a man is touched by God, you cease to live an ordinary life! Everything that you say, that you do will become extra-ordinary!”

“When God revives your Spirit…When God, on the Second Day, gives you Life…When God revives a person, nothing can stop him [the person]!”“God, tonight, will package something for you and He is going to hand it over to you, and you will carry that thing from this place and you will never lose it again!” Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa assured the crowds about what was about to happen.

He went on to explain that God’s original intention was to raise a powerful generation of strong people that cannot be stopped by anyone and as such, He was going to visit His people and grant them power and a new anointing that is going to make them immune to every form of demonic influence and manipulation.

“You need a special anointing on the second day of the revival, a power that makes you different. You will have power today over demons, unclean spirits ancient spirits… You will gain respect today!”The man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa explained to the audience that the power of God works in an amazing way. If it touches one person, everything around them will feel the very same presence of the power of God and also, if God wants to touch the things surrounding a person, He first touches the person and when that person goes and touch the things surrounding Him, be it their children, business, projects etc. they all will feel the power of God.

“It takes one night for a man of God, a woman of God to be raised by God! “From tonight, nothing in your life shall escape your sight! From tonight, God will touch people through your hands…God wants to make you His instrument!