Dr Ruth Makandiwa officiated the ceremony to start the building of the school which has been named Ruthdale High School for students in form 1 to 6. Among the guests were the Deputy Mayor of Harare; His Worship Enock Mupamaonde, the Councillor for Sunningdale Mr Madzingira, dignitaries from the Ministry of Education, Environmental Management Agency, ZINWA , corporate representatives, schools and churches within and out of Sunningdale

Speaking at the event, the Education Director for UFIC Pastor Manyika highlighted that the school is going to nurture future leaders and people that will bring great significance not only to Sunningdale but to Zimbabwe as a whole.

He further on encouraged the residents of Sunningdale to join hands in protecting the school and preserving its reputation and image. After a presentation of the construction plan of the school by Pastor Manyika; Dr Ruth Makandiwa, together with the Deputy Mayor of Harare and the Councillor of Sunningdale officiated the project by digging at the spot where the main administration block of the school is going to be erected.

“This school is going to be a place of wonder. This is a place where science, languages are going to dominate. It will be a place where careers are going to be chosen out of proper advice and career guidance.” Pastor Manyika said as he was expounding on the full scope of the project.

“This project has been long-outstanding and there has been need from day 1 for the establishment of a high school in Sunningdale, so this is the fulfilment of this need and the reception from the community speaks volumes,” said the spokesperson of UFIC; Pastor Prime Kufa, “We would also want to thank the man and woman of God; Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa for this vision. It’s not a small vision so we thank the servants of God because they were tenacious enough to hold to the vision and see it to fruition.”

Some of the Sunningdale residents who attended the event expressed their utmost joy and appreciation for this school building project commencing that will bring immense benefit to their community and address the need for a High School in the neighbourhood of Sunningdale in Harare. Ruthdale High school is surely set to raise leaders in the nation of Zimbabwe.