Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng

For those who were at the UFIC Basilica for the first day of the UFIC Passover Conference 2017, they would concur that the 14th of April 2017 was not like any other Good Friday due to saturated presence of God and the outstanding move of the Holy Spirit that was not only witnessed but also, experienced by many.The atmosphere itself was saturated with a fresh anointing from Heaven; exposing the spiritual and physical paradigm-shifts that were being enacted by this Conference, causing an avalanche of grace and transformation.

The stupendous impact of this year’s Passover Conference was intensified by the special guest whose ministration on the first day of the Conference ushered people into a more profound experience and fellowship with God.

In introducing the special guest of the Conference to the tens of thousands of people who were in attendance, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa informed the crowds that the man who was about to minister is a man whom God has entrusted with a Prophetic Office that enables him to access secrets, deliver detailed prophecies of futuristic events and also articulate God’s mind in a very profound way. And when Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng began ministering, he was not in any way short of what Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa had said about him. ”We are passing over tonight!” said Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng in his opening remarks. After appreciating the ministry of Prophets Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa, Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng led the congregation into a time of worship as he was singing a medley of worship songs and after that, he began to flow in the prophetic at a mind-blowing way.

“Tell your neighbour, Your time has come!” said the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa as he was introducing the main speaker for the night, who is also his spiritual Father; Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng.

Delivering detailed prophecies to individuals, the man of God Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng’s pin-point prophetic precision and accuracy left many drowning in amazement. Through his Prophetic Office, he was able to give certain individuals and families, accurate details about the hidden secrets in their lives and in some cases, he exposed and cancelled the plans of the enemy that were set against certain individuals.

“I believe that the Lord who reveals also has the power to redeem!” declared Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng From the proceedings and the crowds to the music and prophetic ministration, the first day of the UFIC Passover Conference 2017 was indeed uplifting, rejuvenating and awesome in all its elements.