upcoming Events for 2017

20 FEB 2017

Blessing Covenant Week

Covenants between God and man have been established since the beginning of time. His great, unwavering love and His desire to be in union with His creation constantly call to life the establishment of covenants between Him and mankind. VISIT :
TBA 2017

Judgement Night

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa will minister to tens of thousands of people from all over the world who attended the church’s annual All Night Prayer dubbed Judgement Night.VISIT :
TBA 2017

Easter Passover Conference

God; in His infinite wisdom and knowledge, offered His Son, Jesus Christ as the sacrificial lamb for mankind’s redemption and salvation. Emmanuel & Ruth Makandiwa annually hosts the Passover Conference during the Easter Holiday.VISIT :

Easter Conference
TBA 2017

Billionaires Mindset

‘There is a mindset that attracts wealth; a mindset that causes money to flow to you’.Outpouring heavenly wisdom from his inexhaustible reserve, Emmanuel Makandiwa will teach people on the importance of allowing the will of God to overtake.VISIT :